Little teapot playhouses and tiki lounge chairs: Disney comes to yards

By on Jun 13th

Thanks to the link shared by Cortney, today we wander back into the world of interesting content from HGTV (whoa!) with their new show, My Yard Goes Disney.

Issues with Disney aside, it's hard to argue that Disney parks aren't an inspirational place when it comes to the entire Imagineering realm. (Plus, I mean, we all know about Bats Day, which makes Disney enjoyment more awesome.) Anyway, now some gung-ho Disneyphites are bringing the magic to their own homes — after winning a contest, of course. Let's look!

SUPER EASY Disneyfication! Mouse up your lawn with carefully manicured flowers.

I may watch if only to see how they made this effing teapot-playhouse. Love the blades of grass made of fabric, too.

This yard was meant to reminisce of the Disney Cruise Line — and it's smart! I'm not sure I'd want to tend a large pool, but a bitty wading pool? Totally.

Were I to have a crew come to my house and use their Disney magic to find space to even do such a thing to my yard, I'd want something based on that Imagination! pavilion at EPCOT Center. Ooh, or maybe the Norway Pavilion.

If you want more Disney drool, feel the love on Offbeat Bride.

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