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No gnomes or buddhas: Garden art for atheist adults

It’s a bit difficult to find garden statues that don’t sway religious or kitschy-as-hell! One my first try, I found that dinosaur-eating-gnomes garden statue. I worked hard, tried to stay away from all things “zen” and “gnome,” and rounded up some garden art that adult atheists might actually like…

Want to get to know your neighbors? Start a crazy-stupid, summer-long, front-yard project

Over the course of 12 weekends, we transformed our weed-infested front yard into a landscaped, welcoming entrance to our home. In addition to a nice-looking lil front yard (and a racer-back tan that’s never going to go away), we also got an unforeseen benefit: WE KNOW WHO OUR NEIGHBORS ARE NOW.

Merry Sithmas: How we made our own Star Wars Christmas lawn ornaments

I saw a Christmas card last year that had an AT-AT with reindeer antlers that said “Merry Force Be With You” and I thought that would be awesome in my yard, and then thought about adding the sleigh and tauntaun reindeer from there. Here’s how we made all of this ourselves…

The solar-powered zombie lawn lantern is a thing, and it’s awesome

You know we loves us some badass lawn ornaments — trippy lawn ornaments, dragon mailboxes, and barfing gutter gargoyels. This time I’ve found the goriest, scariest way to light your lawn — the “Dead Rising” Zombie Solar-Powered Garden Light, of course!

Astroturf alternatives: let’s talk about no-care groundcover

I’m not convinced astroturf is the way to go for my small yard. Does anyone have any ideas for groundcover that is real, requires no mowing, but still allows us to sit on a blanket and read or bask in the sun when the weather allows?

Little teapot playhouses and tiki lounge chairs: Disney comes to yards

Aw man, I’m back to admiring something from HGTV again. Not that there’s something wrong with HGTV… it’s just not a typically offbeat organization! Anyway, enjoy the peek at Disneyfied yards.

Painting trees: asking for trouble or making a front yard awesome?

In front of my house, there is a very nice elm tree. I’ve been wanting to paint it. Is this resale suicide? Pure tackiness? Tree murder?!

Care for your lawn organically and on the cheap

When my husband and I started talking about buying a house, I had a major hangup: lawn care. Yes, I am that much of a hippie that I didn’t want to buy a house because it had a lawn.