Reader Photos! You will like this zebra-striped house and a link featuring DINOSAUR LUNCHES

June 13 2011 |

Come with me this Monday and tiptoe through the Offbeat Home Flickr Group to enjoy uploads from our readers.

Zebra-striped house in Basset, Nebraska
I spent last week exploring my ancestral home -- north-central Nebraska -- and thought y'all'd like this zebra house in Basset, Nebraska. Population: 660.

This pretty much sums up us and our house.
Tina's wall -- representative of the whole house.
June 3 CSA Shipment
After Kairu's post about her CSA, Sarah posted a pic of her first CSA delivery. We're stoked.
Day 116 - April 30, 2011
Lady Oracle shared an octopus chandelier. Hers?
welcome committee
The welcome committee plays a very chill game of Duck, Duck, Cat.
Day 153 - June 8, 2011
Eff YES to this fence.
our front window
Morgwn took advantage of rainy late-spring to make a jazzy window display at home.

What happened on the Internet? Let's look at Clicky Links!

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  1. I giggled out loud at the "duck duck cat" picture.

    And yay me! Those are my favorite pieces in my entire home.

    1 agrees
  2. We have a duck welcoming committee too! and momma just had five little babies, they are adorable!

    1 agrees
    • Obsessed with that movie doesn't even begin to describe it with me. The poster is there, I painted a barstool with bits from the movie, I have my custom-made soundtrack on cd, and am trying to design a tattoo based on the movie.

      I visited the building where the movie was filmed for my birthday last year because I'm just that OBSESSED.

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