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Offbeat House Hunters: Our experience home shopping on a budget

Who here loves HGTV’s “House Hunters”? Let’s play the Offbeat Canadian Home version with three houses for $150,000 or under.” Which one will they choose!?

My House Hunters drinking game

Everyone’s buzzing this week about HGTV‘s House Hunters being fake. Instead of acting outraged that a staged reality show is staged, I say LET’S DRINK! Wanna play it with me? Here’s how.

Use staging to make your offbeat home seem COMPLETELY NORMAL AND PURCHASABLE

While I know to take down the scary clown bank, deranged elf cookie jar, and other creepy kitsch, my tastes in general aren’t really in keeping with the small-town sensibilities in our area, and I just can’t seem to make myself see things from that viewpoint. I’ve refrained from fun paint and other permanent oddities; now how do I expand my house appeal to the general public?

Little teapot playhouses and tiki lounge chairs: Disney comes to yards

Aw man, I’m back to admiring something from HGTV again. Not that there’s something wrong with HGTV… it’s just not a typically offbeat organization! Anyway, enjoy the peek at Disneyfied yards.