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This Seattle home comes with a three-story treehouse built into the deck

It’s not often — wait — it’s usually NEVER that I’d say one of the best selling features of a home is the unfinished treehouse built into the deck that looks like it might fall apart at any minute. Until you see the the unfinished treehouse built into the deck that looks like it might fall apart at any minute in this Seattle real estate listing

How do I turn a driveway into a vegetable garden?

It’s January and Spring is fast approaching so I’ve got planting on my mind. Unfortunately, the only spot that really works for a vegetable garden is a patch of yard that was paved over as a driveway extension. So the question is, what is the best way to make this space useable as a garden?

The 12 bad-ass stand-up coolers that’ll make your outdoor parties “chill”

I was at a small house party recently where the owners of said small house had the coolest freaking party accessory ever — a counter-top-height cooler on wheels. It was compact, it was brightly colored, it had a bottle opener built in, and it was full of booze… it was beautiful and I want one. So now I’m on the hunt for a best outdoor party accessory ever. Grab a cold on and join me?

13 awesome hammocks that are just begging for the best nap ever

Just in time to ride out the hot summer in swinging style. I thought I’d share these awesome hammocks with all y’all. So take a deep breath and lose yourself in the all these nap-ready, gentle-swaying, beauties…

My parents’ pallet garden fence is ugly and awesome

My parents got a huge stack of pallets. They also got a huge influx of deer on their property this year. And the idea to grow a big ol’ vegetable garden. These three factors converged to create the Ugly Pallet Fence. Though it be ugly, it is quite effective…

Fencing hacks: Secret ways to put up a fence without actually putting up a fence

We featured a fabulous post about how to create a safe space for yourself when you’re living in an un-safe environment. One of the issues was that of not being allowed to put up a fence, when you desperately need one. That’s when it was Offbeat Homies to the rescue! So many of you suggested awesome non-fence-type fencing that I thought I’d share their good advice…

Build these colorful LEGO-like garden boxes

Thinking of starting a garden this year? Is the thought of putting together garden beds kinda’ daunting? I just discovered TogetherFarm Blocks, which make putting together a garden box as easy as playing with LEGO blocks! Here’s how they work…

Sandbox in the city: how I used an old fire hose to build a sandbox in my small backyard

Five years ago my wife and I bought a great house with a small yard in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. Our firstborn, Sam, was about six-months-old when I started designing his sandbox. He was born in July so this gave me the winter to get it down on paper.