Organizing realization: wine rack for towels

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In keeping with what we often call “Basket Moments,” I present to you this concept:

Source: via Ariel on Pinterest
Source: via Ariel on Pinterest

Of course because this idea is from the folks at Better Homes & Gardens, it’s presented in a very pastel, in-offensive, gently-colored context … I’m loving the idea of how this would look in a boldly-colored bathroom — in our bathroom, we’ve got bright orange and pink towels, with green walls.

BONUS: wine racks are a dime a dozen at your local second-hand shop. When I was at the Goodwill last week, there was literally an entire shelf of $1 wine racks. Time to go grab one!

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  1. You could fill in those gaps with shampoo bottles. Or, really, anything — a vase on its side, with a single flower; wine for your long baths :-); tubes with cotton balls in them.

    • First, get a Butt Bench. Then, get a wine rack. Then, get bottle of wine, fluffy towel, and place them in wine rack. Then, submerge yourself in bubbly bath awesome and drink the wine. Repeat as necessary.

      • I’m pretty sure that doing this in a guest bathroom or just a bathroom your guest is going to use (plus a wine glass) would make you host of the year.

  2. I have a Pinterest pin of this with a wall-mounted vertical rack! Great for a smaller bathroom with less/no counter space, and people with fewer towels.

  3. This is awesome. My biggest bathroom furnishing challenge is that shelving designed to go in the bathroom is tall, really tall, taller than the second floor of my 1889 house. Wine racks are short. awesome.

  4. HOLY CRAP! brilliant! So much better than shoving toweled into a cramped cupboard where all of the folding techniques in the world won’t be able to keep them organized. This is why I love your sites Ariel, CONSTANTLY fabulous and useful at the same time! Oh, and we have the same taste in shoes. 😉

  5. Wine racks for towels! Sheer brilliance!

    I hope this doesn’t count as “drama,” but I did want to point out something that’s been bothering me, especially since this is your second post titled “Derp! ….” The term “derp” has some seriously ableist connotations (and, debatably, origins); it’s a way of mocking the stereotypical appearance and speech of people with certain mental and physical disabilities, like Down Syndrome. I’m aware that your use of the term is completely innocent in intent, but it still reads as offensive, particularly to people with disabilities. Would it be possible to use another name (like “Basket Moments,” which I love!) for these posts?

  6. Amazing! I’m a bit of a scarf/shawl hoarder and as soon as I saw this, my mind went right there.. I just passed up a great Goodwill wine rack yesterday b/c I couldn’t convince myself that we needed it!

    going back today…

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