Wine crates are great for storing, shipping, and carrying my favorite of all beverages — wine. But did you know they also make awesome shelves?

If you have access to wine crates (you just might if you’re planning a large party, work for a restaurant, or enjoy buying wine in bulk) you have access to awesome modular shelving units that work perfectly in rooms like these…

You can use them in the bathroom to store extra toilet paper and toiletries.

And in the kitchen for easy access to commonly used cooking products. I love how the chefs in this kitchen also decorated the wall around their wine box shelves with copper bowls and molds. (Also of note: badass vintage stove.)

Who else has found new uses for empty wine crates?

Comments on Reuse wine crates as shelving

    • Most these wine crates were obtained from the restaurants in which my friends work. Some of them were left over from their wedding day wine purchases.

  1. I work in the wine industry & i have heaps of wine crates at work & i have brought some home to store magazines in & i have a crate from a $3000 case of wine that i keep my cleaning products in!

  2. We have three wine crates that we have stacked and connected together to form a bookshelf. It has become one of my favorite pieces of furniture and one that guests constantly comment on.

  3. Very nice wine crate shelving projects. Your design sense is refreshing and unique. I pinned the kitchen one to our to our Pinterest Page and it got a re-pin and like in 5 minutes!

  4. Did you guys apply a layer of lacquer on the crates before you re-use them?
    I was talking to my local wine dealer the other day about collecting wine crates for reusing them as shelves. The local dealer told me that as those wood were not processed, so I needa apply lacquer to avoid bugs before using them… is that true?

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