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4 reasons this drunken unicorn wine holder wins the internet today

I don’t know what the best thing about this wine holder is… That Offbeat Homie Amanda sent it to me in an email that said “Just, this.” Or maybe it’s the epic name. Or maybe it’s the amazing reviews. What do you think?

Save your wine with bananas, cocks, butts, and balloons!

Fuck, guys. I love wine. I’m the self confessed wino of the Empire. You know what I also love? Sharks, Star Wars, inappropriate jokes, and kitchen stuff shaped like animals. I have combined my love of all those things to bring you this round-up of awesome wine bottle stoppers. (Psst: these make REALLY good gifts, so get your bookmarking fingers ready.)

Make vases out of wine bottles using fire and twine

There have been lots of tutorials on Pinterest about how to turn wine bottles into vases or tumblers. Some of our dear friends are getting married, and wanted to try it out as possible DIY reception decor. So I volunteered our space to experiment with glass bottles and fire. Turns out this wine bottle trick works pretty well!

Tipsy without the spillage: sippy cups for wine

Hey Winos! Have you seen Vino2Go — clear sippy cups you can tote your wine in? If not, behold.

Vino Sleeves: How to make a giftable wine bag out of old clothes

Whether you’re toting your favorite bottle to a picnic in the park, a BYOB at a buddy’s or dressing up a gift, here are a couple ways to make a sleeve for your vino, using old sweaters or baby clothes.

Reuse wine crates as shelving

If you have access to wine crates (you just might if you’re planning a large party, work for a restaurant, or enjoy buying wine in bulk) you have access to awesome modular shelving units that work wonders in a few key spaces.

I turned a storage barrel into a magical wine table!

I’m becoming a bit of a recycling center junkie — my husband and I go for a “hot date” every week and come home with a bootload of “treasure.” These barrells are storage barrells used by a health food company to import bulk spirulina etc. and cost a whopping NZ$1 each. The paper I used also came from the center — about $2 for a huge carton of old maps, sheet music and atlases — decoupage heaven!

In which I share my secret wine selection method

It’s really quite simple:
#Set a budget for your wine buy
#Choose your favorite wine label
#Buy wine with said label

Come, let me show you exactly how I choose wines.