Get your cute baby bird fix with a glass bird house

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I’ve got a mini high the other day from spotting a birds nest complete with adorable baby birds chirping for food. Seriously seriously cute. The problem was, to get a good look at them I had to stand precariously on a wobbly lawn chair and try to peak up under the eaves of a my grandmother’s portico. Not easy bird gawking. You know what DOES make for easy bird gawking? Window view birdhouses! You can attach them to one of your windows and watch the nesting in action!

You could easily make one of these OR modify the one you purchase to make them more customized. Check out this window birdhouse mod-ing action:

This Amazon customer photo has some more great ideas for your window view bird house:

  • Window film (you can see out but the Birds can’t see in).
  • Removed the suction cups and used heavy-duty velcro strips for better stability, privacy, and insulation.
  • Drilled a 1/4 inch hole, and inserted a stick for a custom perch.
  • They’ve also attached a window bird feeder.

I’ve actually ordered both of these things — window bird house AND bird feeder. I can’t wait to start spying on more adorable bird action right from my living room — no precarious lawn chair action necessary!

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  1. I would probably attach plastic or something to the back so you don’t end up with bird junk all over your window for the season. Attach it with velcro so you can easily remove it to clean out the bird house after the birds have flown the nest.

    • Hey, I hit the order link on Amazon for the suction-cup bird feeder so fast that my computer has smoking skid marks. My poor bored Giant Guy Cat wants his Kitty TV.

      (I’m not up for explaining an actual bird house to my landlord, but a transparent feeder seems unobjectionable.)

      • HA! High five! I did the same with the one pictured at the top. It arrived yesterday and the thing is substantial, sturdy, and awesome. Now I hope that I can actually get birds to nest in my city apartment balcony.

  2. Oh man. I remember having to chase birds AWAY when they started building a nest close to the house. It seems like fun to watch them, but bird nests can get full of mites. Some birds nested on my mom’s garden shed before she could stop them and later when she went to take it down, the nest accidentally fell on her. Tiny little bugs everywhere! It’s giving me the creepy crawlys thinking about it!

  3. Just so you know, having a perch on a birdhouse isn’t needed, and in most cases can give a nice place for a predator to stand and eat your birds! (

    What’s more important is to have a perch site nearby for the baby birds to fly to when they use their wings for the first time. This could be something like a fence post or a small bush or tree. I work for a nonprofit organization that educates the community about restoring songbirds, and the need for a perch is a huge misconception. I also grew up with a park ranger for a dad, and we never, ever, ever put perches on our boxes due to the danger.

    And while you’re able to see inside, why not monitor? Using, you can record what you see in your box and help some scientists out.

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