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Here’s what we learned from our 14 pet birds

Before we knew it, we’d accumulated 14 pet birds before our first two years together. Many of them were rescue birds that didn’t have anywhere else to go.

Sharing your home with so many birds is a learning experience, especially when many of them have behavioral issues that come with being neglected earlier in life. But we wouldn’t trade our life with parrots for anything. Here’s what we’ve learned about owning a parrot…

Bird nerds, swan hugs, and poop: Why I love volunteering at a wild bird rehab

My passion and knowledge for all things avian increased over time, but the “bird nerd” tipping point came during a cross-country road trip. On a windy Florida beach I held a brown pelican while a fisherman removed a hook from its wing. Despite numerous incredible animal experiences that include bathing elephants and swimming with wild dolphins, manatees, and whale sharks, my interaction with this pelican deeply moved me. I became determined to get involved in bird rescue and rehabilitation.

Put a bird on it for an instant upgrade to a plain lamp

>Offbeat Homie Cheryl Hellcat is at it again. We’ve already seen what she easily created with a piece of driftwood, or some chalkboard paint. Now check out another one of her easy-but-awesome DIY projects.

DIY wall-mounted bird feeder and bird bath

You’ve seen Homie Cheryl Hellcat’s LOTR table and driftwood key rack, but check out her awesome DIY wall-mounted bird feeder and bird bath, made from $3 plastic bowls and plates!

Get your cute baby bird fix with a glass bird house

I got a mini high the other day from spotting a birds nest complete with adorable baby birds chirping for food. But, to get a good look at them I had to stand precariously on a lawn chair and peak up under the eaves of a my grandmother’s portico. Not easy bird gawking. You know what DOES make for easy bird gawking? Window view birdhouses!

How do I keep critters from eating my garden before I can?

Since it’s gardening season, I was hoping for some advice on humane and eco-friendly pest control in the garden.

How on earth do I keep these insane squirrels away from my pumpkins? How do I save my blueberries from the birds? How do I do this without spraying toxins or harming the animals?

What will be the next “put a bird on it!” decor trend?

Everyone might be “putting a bird on it” now, and we all remember design trends gone by (unicorns! owls! mushrooms!), but what’s coming next?

A dirt-cheap bird feeder ANYONE can make

Inspired by a high-end Italian home product, I put together an idea for you to make a quick, easy, less-than-15-minute project to bring birds to your yard, balcony or camper.