Arizona’s 3-bedroom pyramid house in the desert

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Another pyramid has popped up on the market: this one’s in the desert of Arizona. It’s a 3,500 square foot three bedroom home and although it’s situated in an impressive landscape, the inside of the house strikes me as…super mismatched.

What’s with all these people who are so into pyramids they build them for themselves?

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    • I was thinking the same thing! The house layout could look way cooler if it weren’t for all of the excessive railings and gates and stuff.

      Did anyone else notice the bar/display case with ancient-looking artifacts inside?

  1. I grew up near Eatonton, Ga and I remember when this was built:

    It caused an uproar in my grandparents. At the time, it was one of the only buildings on that highway and it’s still there!

    Also, Eatonton was home to the Nuwabian compound until the cult leader was jailed and the compound demolished. Just to get the full glory, this place was situated right in the middle of hundreds of acres of dairy pastures, a 4-h camp, and trailers/old rundown homes. Here’s a writeup of the arrest with some pictures.

  2. i live in az and that’s not the only pyramid house we have. there’s also the historic Grand Pyramid house in phoenix, and another residential pyramid house (currently for sale!) also in phoenix. then there’s also Governor W.P. Hunt’s tomb which is also a pyramid. heh desert dwellers

  3. For all u wicked lack of site for true art and respect for others homes, this is A PALACE something dreamers only dare to admire and appreciate. So keep up with THE JONES

    <3 db

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