3 pieces of patio decor for a trippy forest party

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I’m poking around outdoor goodies these days — things to light up decks and patios on summer evenings, outdoor foodwear, and games — and I found a few really cute things I wanted to share with you, just perfect for adding oddness to the great outdoors.

Like, OH MY GOSH this little worm planter is the cutest. KYOOT.

How sweet is this solar-powered turtle lamp?! Just enough light to talk by as a BBQ winds down.

Bear with me on this one. These ornate plastic lawn furniture pieces by Linvin run almost $700 apiece, but LOOK HOW CUTE CAROLINE IS IN ONE!

Artist Michael Turri makes supah fly EL-wire lights. So hot and so perfect for deep, dark, humid nights outside.

You can move a gnome into any tree in your yard. Welcome to the neighborhood, little gnome house! I’d love to add any of these guys to our garden to be my new friends.

I know some of you have seen trippy outdoor accouterments (AHEMburnersAHEM)

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