After her wedding, AndiLani put her wedding twinkle lights, grapevine balls, and lit-up pumpkins to good by using them outdoors. And that design on the wall? Her moss graffiti starter! (We’ll be sharing more of these “wedding decor as home decor” ideas in coming weeks!

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Comments on Use your wedding lights as balcony decor

  1. We had the smallest wedding possible, but I made my bouquet with latex flowers so I could keep it (theoretically forever). I used red amaryllis. It sits in a different place in every apartment we occupy, but it’s a sweet reminder of the love and commitment (and great sex!) my husband and I share.

  2. I have a string of big and colorful chinese lanterns left over from my wedding strung across the ceiling above our bed. All the color makes me happy and it makes for some great romantic lighting.

  3. We had strings of little stuffed felt hearts that I made (colours galore!), that were on the ends of the aisles and on the front of the head table. They are now strung up bunting style and take up the whole length of our living room. So cheerful and such a colourful reminder of the day and our relationship. LOVE THEM!!!

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