Theo's water birth video

June 21 2010 | offbeatbride
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Erika sent us a link to this video, shot by Hailey of You Can't Be Serious Photography in Brisbane, Australia.

Warning: tissues are a must. Also, there are scenes that have breasts & breastfeeding, but the video is otherwise discrete.

Theo's Birth video from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

  1. Crying over here too. Mostly because its beautiful, but partly because Im jealous I didnt get a birth experience like that, and looking at her, dont know if I ever will. Im having a little pity party for myself now.

    • Me too, Hunny – but wow, what a beautiful video. It's really made me want my next baby. I hope I get a natural birth next time.

    • I am the mama in this video and my first birth was NOT the birth I wanted either, so you shouldn't rule out getting the birth you want!

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  2. Oh my. I'm not just crying, I'm bawling. That is beautiful and love between the parents is amazing. I can't wait to have my water birth and see my little one.

    Thank you so, so much for sharing this.

  3. Wow, that made me viscerally remember that moment when I knew it was the last push, I felt him leave my body, and had his little body placed on top of my chest. I need to watch this every time I feel mom fatigue!

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  4. Absolutely amazing. In floods of tears here.
    My husband looks like he's steeling himself for battle when we talk about the birth (a mere 7 months to go…) so I'm going to show him this video to show how it can be.

  5. beautiful video. it told the story so well. I also wanted to add to all the women who are depressed because their births weren't natural, don't be depressed. I had to have my daughter, Delilah, through emergency c-section, and was extremely depressed after because I didn't get the birth I wanted. After awhile I realized it doesn't matter how she got here, it's all in the fact that she did. If I have any more I will try again to go the natural route but if it doesn't work out then it's not meant to be. Every birth is beautiful and special.

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  6. Such an awesome video. Labor is so emotional. Especially seeing someone elses. I loved the end when the big sister (im assuming) kisses the baby and looks up at mommy. Motherhood is so RAD!

  7. crying, broody and hoping my (hopefully at some point) next one is born in such a beautiful way. it really brings back that moment when you first hold your baby!

  8. absolutely beautiful. crying and wishing for another baby now. i really should stop watching these kinds of vids. im torturing myself and my hubby!

  9. Oh, I am sobbing, that was exquisite. Looks like this little guy was born just a few days before my son, and the similarities transported me back to that day. The water birth, her pushing position, even watching the little guy breastfeed for the first time…So glad you guys posted this!

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