How to turn an old onesie into a baby doll

Guest post by Victoria Brooke Rodrigues

Victoria Brooke recently wrote about reducing the amount of baby stuff you have in your home. She sent us this super-cute, super-awesome quick & easy way to be crafty, make something for your baby, AND hold on to that favorite blanket or shirt that you can’t bring yourself to part with–without feeling like you’re hoarding! – Stephanie


  • Piece of kid-cloth (baby blanket, favorite outfit, etc)
  • Needle and thread
  • Stuffing/fiberfill
  • Paper and pen
  • Something rattle-y (optional)

1) Make a template for the doll. Fold a large piece of paper in half and draw half of doll, then cut out.

2) Pin template to kid-cloth (two layers, for front and back of doll). If you are using a piece of clothing this is especially easy because it will naturally have two layers when laid flat.

3) Cut fabric around template.

4) Baste together the two layers, inside out. Begin sewing between the hand and shoulder, go down around the feet, and finish sewing at between the hand and shoulder on the other side. Leave the head and top of shoulders open for stuffing.

5) Turn doll right-side-out and begin stuffing. It helps to sew around the head and neck as you stuff the top of the doll. If you are making this for a baby, you can also take a small rattle and hide it inside the doll. Finish sewing to starting point.

6) Mercilessly surrender doll to child’s every whim.

Comments on How to turn an old onesie into a baby doll

  1. I love this; I’m going to see if I won’t get chewed out for using the onesie that was left in our trunk ’til the poor girl out grew it! Considering it got a stain on one part of it, I doubt anyone’d complain.

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