Big design in little teeny houses: the I AM GIANT challenge

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This is allll miniature. None of this is people-sized. Image courtesy

Blogger Emily Henderson is orchestrating the I AM A GIANT blog challenge, something I have to support because of its gross use of all-caps. The gist is that all participants are decorating doll houses, and there’s some pretty incredible stuff going on:

The Brick House is working on a mod little TV setup.
Kara is highlighting miniature greens. Image courtesy
Photo courtesy
Hommemaker is making her own bear skin rug.

If you want to get involved, the challenge is open to all. Get your tiny decorating on!

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  1. oh gosh. this really takes me back: a friend and I were into dollhouses, hard core, when we were 10 or 12. mine was a handmade wood-shingled 2 bedroom house, but hers was a fancy Victorian mansion with working lamps (all built into a cabinet, however, so it felt more like an apartment). I was so envious then…
    but these?! they make me wish I were four inches tall.

  2. I almost wish you hadn’t said it was all miniature. I loved looking at those and thought the first pic was human-suitable-sized until clued in.

    • Toooootally couldn’t believe some of these were miniature-sized… I could definitely take some life-sized inspiration from these. 🙂

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