Why photo tiles are the new go-to photo gift

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My silly mockup of a trio of photo tiles featuring my boudoir photos that I’m gifting my besties.

Millennials and Gen-Zers are the nomadic generations. Between being dealt a bad economical hand of not being able to own a permanent home and bouncing around as renters due to some question mark over our heads (such as increased rent??? Jobs??? Relationships???) it’s really hard to make a house (or 1 bed/bath or studio or parent’s garage) feel like a home.

So when I’m buying gifts for my millennial/Gen-Z friends, I try to gift them meaningful stuff that won’t take up too much space and aren’t a pain in the booty to pack when they inevitably move (again).

Enter photo tiles, the wall décor nomads are buying in bulk. I seriously wish I had known about these sooner because they would have saved me my rent deposit money (and nourished the aspiring Joanna Gaines inside me). I get this stuff as a housewarming gift for friends who move into new apartments. Here’s why I’m stuck on photo tiles:

First, what are photo tiles?

Photo tiles are custom frames you can hang on the wall except plot twist–there is no hanging involved. Seriously, no hammer and nails necessary! With photo tiles you can literally stick them onto the wall in minutes.

Photo tiles make it so you create a gallery wall without a tape measurer, hammer, or nails and still look like a fancy interior designer!

How do I use photo tiles?

I personally love them for that bohemian gallery wall look. You can do a set (like a trio of boudoir photos, teehee), or mix and match the sizes for a cool display.

Can you take photo tiles off the wall?

Yes! If you’re commitment-phobic about the art or the photos you’re putting on the wall, you can easily remove the photo tile or rearrange them to create a fresh, new display. The adhesive strips don’t damage most surfaces, so if you’re not feeling a certain photo you can easily take it off. It’s perfect for chronic redecorators. You can reposition photos to get your ideal feng shui or swap out the photo tiles of your baby for your toddler. It’s like you’re own rotating art gallery!

I want to be friends with whoever is making a themed gallery wall of their dog with photo tiles.

How do I make photo tiles?

Omg y’all it’s sooo easy and I super recommend VistaPrint for this project. The quality of the photos on products is *chefs kiss*. Just upload a photo (or a design if you’re artsy), then adjust it in the VistaPrint design studio to make sure it looks the way you want it to on your photo tile. VistaPrint will take care of the rest. Plus, the photo tiles come with adhesives so they can go straight from the shipping box to your wall.

I love how photo tiles can tell the story of your life! What a sweet conversation piece.

Are you intrigued by photo tiles yet?!

Seriously, my renter friends love these bad boys. I fill them in with cute friendship photos to stick on their wall. And if I WERE to gift someone my boudoir pics as photo tiles, my friends would be comforted knowing they can easily switch them out for more PG photos when grandma comes to visit. I also love gifting these to new parents too (sans boudoir photos of course). They’re perfect for when your baby room is ready to transform into a big kid’s bedroom because you can change things up all the time without having to put more holes in the walls.

Try the magic of photo tiles…They’ll stick on ya, I swear!

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