This vintage Airstream decor is probably more stylish than your own home!

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Streamline Imperial in Joshua Tree
Streamline Imperial in Joshua Tree

By the time this posts sees the light of day, this vintage Streamline Imperial for sale on Craigslist will probably already have been snatched up. But I’m not sharing this ad to sell the damn thing, I’m sharing this ad because HOLY SHIT this is one amazingly decorated trailer…

vintage Streamline Imperial living room decor

Completely remodeled 1973 Streamline Imperial. 27 feet long. In great condition. Re-did the entire inside in Hollywood Regency-style. We use it as an airbnb and it rents great.

Can be towed, lived in, airbnb’d, or used as a guest room. Interior has dark wood flooring, new mattresses and covers from World Market, bolsters for daybed/couches from West Elm, and Vintage Lamps throughout. Sleeps 4 comfortably. Toilet has been removed, but has space to put in a composting toilet or whatever you want (we didn’t want to deal with toilets). Shower is still in, tons of storage in two big closets and cabinets throughout. Two working AC units and we used a space heater and it worked through 30 degree winter temperatures.

Streamline Imperial living room decor

Streamline Imperial kitchen

Streamline Imperial from ktichen to bedroom

Streamline Imperial bedroom with twin beds


My god, this thing contains some decor elements that I want for my own actual home RIGHT NOW. (I’m looking at you light fixtures, and coffee table.)

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  1. Heart eyes for that yellow wingback!! My grandmother had an awesome high-backed vintage yellow wingback in her living room when I was a kid that I loved to sit in and read. It was sold at a garage sale when she redecorated from 60’s orange-yellow-green to 80’s pink-and-blue to someone who planned to put it in a vintage rail car – because it was actually shallow enough to fit through the door. The new wingback wasn’t nearly as awesome. I’m still kinda devastated over that loss.

    • I feel for you Alissa. I loaned my Son a lamp that meant a lot to me as it came from a furniture store my Dad and his friend and co-partner, Harry worked at in Vallejo. I told him if he got tired of it or didn’t want it anymore, to please let me know because I wanted it back. Well he ended up selling it!! I was angry with him for a long time after that.

  2. Pretty! I’m skeptical that it can be towed like they say, though. Those vintage lamps and glass-top tables would last about a mile, tops. Also, real hard wood and furniture are *heavy*.

  3. OMG. I’m dying. I love all of this. And the fact that it’s all in a trailer is perfect.
    (Also, just a note….this trailer is a Streamline, which is actually a different brand than an Airstream. Although, Streamline was created by former Airstream employees. Aaaand there’s my vintage trailer geek coming out. I’ll shut up now.)

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