How to play Cards Against Humanity as a baby shower game

All images captured by Toronto wedding photographers Ten·2·Ten Photography
All images captured by Toronto wedding photographers Ten·2·Ten Photography

Soon, we'll be showing you how to throw the most amazing Simpson's-themed baby shower. But before we feature that, I wanted to show off the awesome way that Ken and Erika and their guests played a large-scale game of Cards Against Humanity as an hilarious baby shower game!

(Psst: While these cards are hilariously baby-themed, you could easily change this to fit any party theme: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bar mitzvahs… This game is always a winner.)

Step 1: Create large, themed, prompt cards

cards against humanity at a baby shower

create themed cards

Step 2: Create your own answer cards

cards against humanity baby shower answer cards

Step 3: Ask guests to write their name on their answers

baby shower cards against humanity answer cards

Step 4: Glue the prompt cards to envelopes and mount them on a wall

All images captured by Toronto wedding photographers Ten·2·Ten Photography

Step 5: Have guests slide their answers into the corresponding prompt card envelope

how to play large scale cards against humanity

Step 6: Read the hilarious answers out loud

reading baby shower cards outloud

Step 7: Cry from laughing so hard, and have the best baby shower ever.

Has anyone else played a large-scale game of Cards Against Humanity? How did you pull it off? Also, who has more awesome baby-shower themed prompts?

  1. Uhm, did ya'll know there IS an actual "parenting" version of this that got funded this year through Kickstarter? I just got my deck of cards in the mail, and they are amazing. It's basically Cards Against Humanity… for Parents. It's called KinderPerfect, I'm sure you can google them, we haven't had a chance to play it yet but it looks hilarious.

    I totally love how they did this at a larger group gathering, though. Great idea!

    (non-affiliated with them, I'm just a backer and like the idea)

    • This is awesome! I just bought KinderPerfect for an upcoming family trip and sip and see for my new baby 🙂

  2. This is why I love you guys. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find a time machine to go back to when my baby shower was being planned.

  3. Thanks for mentioning KinderPerfect, which is just like a Cards Against Humanity for parents, and we designed it as a great baby shower party game (or Moms Night Out, family night in, etc). You can now find us on Amazon

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