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This vintage Airstream decor is probably more stylish than your own home!

By the time this posts sees the light of day, this vintage Streamline Imperial for sale on Craigslist will probably already have been snatched up. But I’m not sharing this ad to sell the damn thing, I’m sharing this ad because HOLY SHIT this is one amazingly decorated trailer…

5 reasons why living in a trailer park is awesome

We currently live in a trailer park. The problem is that most people can’t get over the fact that we are “living in a trailer.” So I would like to, on behalf of all proud trailer park residents, set the record straight on this super-awesome alternative living space…

How do you find an old but non-crappy travel trailer?

My fiance and I are getting married in August, and we are really excited about our idea of living in a travel trailer. I lived with my large family in an RV for several years, so I am familiar with how to make a home out of a small space, BUT we are unsure where to begin. I don’t really know much about how to find a good trailer that won’t crap out on us in a year! How do you know if a trailer is junk or not?

What do you know about vintage mobile home restoration?

Our new vintage mobile home.[/caption]My husband and I recently purchased a totally sweet vintage (1967, baby!) mobile home, and we are really excited to finally be home owners. While it took me a minute to get over my middle-class judgements about “trailer trash,” etc., I am now all in and thrilled that while it may not be our dream home, it is OURS. (Also, the wood paneling is pretty amazing.) But because of my total lack of experience with mobile-home living, I feel really unprepared for the quirks and particularities that will come with our new home.

But I don’t cook meth: overcoming my own “trailer trash” misconceptions

We were scrambling to get out of the nest, but didn’t know where to start. So we developed three requirements for our future home, and somehow a trailer fit them all. Now I just needed to get over my “trailer trash” stigma to be able to enjoy my new home.

If Marie Antoinette had an Airstream trailer, it would look like this

Behold the home of Robin and John Brown! It’s a temporary home, but it’s a beaut.

Robin is a designer from San Antonio, Texas. She and her partner run their clothing business online, but take two trips a year — in the spring and the fall — when Magnolia Pearl heads to big shows. For this purpose, they’ve decked out an Airstream Land Yacht to roll in.

It is up and down, head to toe, glitzed OUT. This trailer has wooly rugs, fancy pants wallpaper, a full-size BATHTUB — it is in every way a rococo road spa.

The continuing adventures of Marla and Taco: stormy in PA and broke down outside Akron

A few weeks ago, we got acquainted with Marla and her travel trailer Taco as she led us through Taco’s renovation into a cute cross-country machine. Now: part one of Taco and Marla’s travels: Marla begins handy-personing her way across the nation. Unfortunately, the expedition has a rocky start…

The adventures of Marla and Taco: Building a road-ready travel trailer cute as a button

Almost a year after its conception, I birthed my half-baked-idea baby: May 2011 was the the maiden voyage of my trusty camper Taco. My tools, a few belongings, my Zulu short spear, and my cat Sophie are with me on an odyssey through as much of the country as we can stand.