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Organic Gardens Network put together a primo list of four dozen things YOU! can grow in a container. Given that you’ve got enough light, you can probably grow much more than you’ve thought of!

My favorite surprises: tree fruit! Hops! Herbal tea! Melons! And even a loofah.

That’s right, you could grow your own scrubbing sponge. Click through and check out the other 61 things you can grow in a container.

Comments on 66 things you can grow in a container

  1. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing such a great list. I am actually hoping to start a wild edibles container garden this summer to supplement my current greens and herb container garden.

    • A little resource on growing dwarf citrus trees in containers. Tl;Dr version: Expect to need a pot size of up to 20″, they can’t tolerate temperatures below 32 degrees F for more than a couple hours, they need consistent watering and about 8+ hours of direct sunlight.

      Different citruses have different temperature needs. So as always, do your Googlin’.

  2. they don’t list onions, but you can totally grow them in a pot. Onions, garlic, chives all work, you just cannot let the onions get too big.

  3. Theoretically anything can be grown in a tub, just think about the size of the tub and size of what you are growing. Onions and bettroot won’t grow very big. Also if you are doing carrots the tub needs to be tall/deep enough otherwise you’ll get tiddly carrots.

    Potatoes have done well for us and radishes. Jereuselem artichokes did not do well though. Also we dont seem to do well with cucumbers/courgettes.

    Be prepared for some things to do better than others and whatever does well carry on with.

    Currently have amazing flowers on my potatoe plants!

  4. Five gallon pickle buckets (you can often get them free from restaurants) work great for growing tomatoes. And we have, in the past, grown potatoes in big burlap bags. Just keep in mind that if you live somewhere crazy hot you have to water them twice as much as you think you will.

    Also, I miss you Cat Rocketship!!!

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