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11 unusual pumpkin recipes that go WAY beyond pie

Tired of pumpkin yet? Pumpkin isn’t tired of YOU. It never tires of you. It loves you. And when you see these unusual pumpkin recipes, you may change your tune and return that love. OR maybe you’re still totally ready for pumpkin to find its place in your menu, in which case, scroll for the goods. We’ve got savory pumpkin dishes, pumpkin sweets that totally aren’t your usual pumpkin pie, and even a little treat for the pooch in your life. Because y’all KNOW puppies love pumpkin. So grab a can of pumpkin puree or a whole pumpkin if you’re feeling Martha Stewart-ish today, and tell us how the cooking goes…

Super-easy super-healthy super-yummy sweet potato soup recipe

Sweet potatoes are amazing: super-duper healthy and super-duper flavorful. According to the USDA, you’re supposed to eat a lot of yellow/orange veggies, and this sweet potato soup recipe is by far my favorite way to do it…

Easy tomato recipes as seen on @offbeathome

Use up all those summer tomatoes with these easy tomato recipes

If you grow your own tomatoes or simply snag them from your local grocer or farmer’s market, you know that our love affair is almost over. Soon it will be fall and we’ll be rolling around like dogs in pumpkin puree instead. So we need to celebrate the summer fruit veggie fruit(?) that is… the luscious tomato. Here are three of my favorite easy tomato recipes to use up your summer supply.

Salad potluck: the easiest, cheapest, healthiest way to avoid packing lunch

It started with a workplace baby shower with a salad potluck directive: everyone bring something you can put on a salad. As we stood around munching, while cards were opened, we thought, “Hey, this was REALLY easy, and it’s healthy, too! We need to do this more often!” It helps us all eat healthier and it makes “packing lunch” as simple as throwing a random fridge vegetable or a bag of dried cranberries or can of black beans in your bag.

Easy breakfast recipes to serve a crowd as seen on @offbeathome #breakfast #recipes

3 easy breakfast recipes to serve a crowd

Having guests over is very unfun if you’re stuck cooking for a large crowd in the kitchen. I’m always looking for ways to make food ahead of time so I can get to more socializing and less stirring on the fly. Here are my go-to easy breakfast recipes to serve a crowd, emphasis on EASY. Let’s see what we’re serving up…

Cauliflower Risotto

An awesome and healthy cauliflower risotto recipe

Cauliflower risotto? A resounding yes! It’s delicious and healthy. I tried a few recipes, and this is my own version that tastes awesome.

You better love root veggies: What you should know about winter CSA shares

Since 2011, my husband and I have survived the harsh, long New England winters in part thanks to our winter Community Supported Agriculture share. Below are some tips and some of what I’ve learned over the past three winters of our participation…

Thank the pickle gods for 48-hour, refrigerator pickles

I LOVE pickles. Love them. I love them so much that I have been on a mission for years to find a great pickle recipe that did not include canning. Then I found this crazy easy refrigerator pickle recipe, and all I could do was thank the pickle gods for finally smiling down on me.