#vanlife: The Instagram accounts of people traveling and living in vans that you should be following

Photo by This Makes Us Tick
Photo by This Makes Us Tick

Last week I took my first trip to Maine to hang out with my buddies Lisa and Alex. You might remember them as the British couple who traveled the world in their camper van, getting married over and over again. Also staying with them was Mike and Andrea — another couple traveling the world in a camper van! Their stories were super fun to listen to, their car was adorable, and I'm excited to follow their trip on Instagram via @thismakesustick, just as I was excited to follow Alex and Lisa's trip via @2people1life.

Then I realized that I follow a lot of people traveling the world and living in vans on Instagram. And, as much as living and traveling in a camper van does not sound like something I want to do, it is something I love to virtually experience. So if you want a taste of this in your feed every day, here are more #vanlife Instagram accounts you should follow…


Michael and Andrea
Photographers | Travelers | VW nuts | on a journey to meet people who carve their own path in life & discover what makes them tick 🚐 currently in 🇺🇸


Allison and Nik White
We are two people and a dog traveling around the American West in a 1989 Winnebago named Daisy. 📍Denver, CO.

(Bonus: These two are Homies! You might remember Allison from writing "our life living in an RV full-time.")


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After the rain sun is always welcome. . . What do you realy want in your life? Traveling and exploring new places, beeing away of your family and friends, you are still not out of comminucation. You just spend less time for silly gossiping or other useless stuff together. I enjoy my people and friends on a much different, more intensive way. I enjoy my quiet time to let the soul loose a bit. I enjoy reading book in this amazing quiet place more than sitting on a sofa and watching silly TV programme . I grew up in a very big, crowded city but i never like to stay in it. i'm in love with living simple and without stress. #asuhsworld #myview بعد از بارون نور خورشید ھمیشہ دلچسبہ. . . ما واقعا از زندگیمون چی میخواییم ؟ سفر کردن و کشف جاھای جدید، از خانوادہ و دوستات دورت میکنہ ولی بہ این معنا نیست کہ با کسی معاشرت نمیکنی، وقتت کمتر صرف گذروندن با ھمون آدمایی کہ سالہاست میشناسی و غیبت کردن ھای بیخودی و وقت گذروندنای الکی میشہ، آدمای جدید با ایدہ ھا و فرھنگہای جدید میبینی و چون وقتت کمہ اون مدتی کہ باھاشون معاشر ھستی بہ بہترین و مفیدترین نوع میگذرہ. من از این زمانہای خلوت و آرومم لذت میبرم چون بیشتر وقت خودشناسی دارم. از کتاب خوندن توی این جای آروم لذت بیشتری میبرم تا اینکہ روی مبل بشینم و برنامہ ھای مسخرہ تلویزیون رو ببینم. با اینکہ توی شہر شلوغ و بزرگ تہران بزرگ شدم ولی ھیچوقت دلم نخواستہ بود اونجا بقیہ عمرمو تموم کنم، من عاشق این زندگی سادہ و بی دغدغہ و بدون استرس ھستم . امیدوارم شما ھم از زندگیتون لذت واقعی رو ببرین.

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Asudeh and Aschi
We are the Iranian-Swiss couple traveling, movie-making with our 30 years old Hymer Van, called "Werner". Have fun with us.


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Wow what a weekend! Descend on Bend tres was an adventure we will never forget. We met so many amazing new friends and grew an even deeper love for the vanlife community. The crazy storm just added to the sense of adventure. A huge thank you to Ryan with @poseidonsbeard and Dave with @vanagonlife for all of their hard work and dedication to putting on this event. DoB is definitely the must attend event of the pnw. #descendonbend #DoB #vanagon #vanagonlife #vanagonshenanigans #vanlife #vanlifeexplorers #vanlifemovement #vanlifers #vanlifestyle #vanlifediaries #vw #vwvan #pnw #oregon #pnwonderland #pnwonderdogs #exploreoregon #explore #adventure #portlandvanagons #vanvibes #travel #oregonexplored

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Logan, Courteny, and Scarlett the Vanagon
We are a couple of newlyweds (and Volkswagen enthusiasts) loving life with our '88 Vanagon, Scarlett.


Gabriell and Sandro
Journalist and yoga teacher, musician and media guy. 🚐 '88 VW Syncro 🌎 Quit jobs, left Switzerland, driving the Americas since July 16.


Ariel and Todd In A Van
A couple of goofs driving their self-converted '05 sprinter til the wheels fall off!


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Guess who's in the van with us now! 🐕😇

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Kaya Lindsay
Blogger 💻 Vegetarian🌱Climber💪🏻Fake Geek & Gamer Girl 🎮 Traveler and Coffee enthusiast☕


Roberto, Magdalene and the little Sebastiano
We travel and live everyday with an old minivan named Ermanno and a restless baby called Sebastiano. Let's make some noise!


Gurt the Westy
Three Dogs. Two Humans. One van. Nomads. Adventurers. No where to be, everything to see. Current location 📍Vancouver, Canada


Sarah & Matt Park
Van dwellers {2 years} • From a VW bus to a self converted Van • Aspiring professional dirtbags •Suck out all the marrow of life!


Sara and Matt
🚌 Owners of Wes Vanderson a 1978 Volkswagen Bus from Houston.


Calum and Lauren
The Rolling Home is our beloved 1996 VW transporter. 80000 miles (and counting) in a self built home.


Janelle, Parker and Emma
Uproxx’s Parker Hilton is on the road with his girl, his dog, and his surfboard in an ’80s-era van.


Follow Laila, a 1980 VW T3 Transporter on the roads of Norway! Let's see how far she will take her family.


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Airstream life from a dog's point of view.

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Brett and Natasha
A boy, a girl & a pair of little dogs living in and renovating a vintage airstream.


Working hard and saving money to drive from the Arctic Circle to the Sahara desert in a van I converted into a home ☀️🗻🚐💨🌲


Lucas and Florencia
Okay, so this Argentinian couple isn't actually living in a van — they're traveling around America while living in a limo! And to top it off, they just had a baby.

What #vanlife-ers are your following? Who should be added to this list of adventurers?

  1. Totally going to live vicariously through these folks! I am way too attached to all my stuff to do this for real, though I could see having an amazing two month, or even 6 month journey some day!

    I have a few friends who just took off on a similar journey! If anyone's interested in following their journey, it's here: http://runningfrommonday.com/

    • Just found this via our website, thanks so much for sharing!! The analytics told me we got two visits from this page and it took me a while to figure out how we ended up here. 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. Wow! Just what I needed at the moment as I'm contemplating buying a van for next summer (I live in NB and let's be honest, van life isn't for us folks up North)! Thank you.

  3. You absolutely need to add @Vanwithoutaplan to your #vanlife list!
    It's managed by my dear friend Pinup Photographer Sunnie (along with her glassblower partner and their dog Zen).
    It's a beautiful view of the simple life as they travel and work! Plus they are the kindest people you'll ever meet!

  4. …and of course no discussion of #vanlife would be complete without this little reminder. This is how I spent Mother's Day with my '85 Westie:

  5. My husband and I just started nomading about a month ago. I had been throwing travel related stuff onto my business page here and re but this inspired me to create a specified page for our journey (@snug.as.a.bug.on.the.road if anyone is interested). Only one pic so far since I just set it up a moment ago! Looking forward to following these van dwellers even though we have a travel trailer ourselves. The van life does have an appeal to it!

  6. Aw, thanks for featuring us! 😀
    There are SO MANY awesome people out there roaming around. I've found instagram to be such a good source of inspiration as a younger traveler. Most people think fulltime RVers are all older retired folks, so it's always nice to see people doing things more like we are. 🙂
    A tiny selection of favorites from my feed:
    @idletheorybus is fun to follow, @drivinandvibin are super nice people who have the cutest little trailer, @ditchingsuburbia features full-time families, and @usinterior is the ig of the U.S. Department of the Interior- stay with me- and they post amazing travel-porn photos from mostly national parks all over the country.

  7. I've been following 2 #vanlife instagrammers for a while now: @alisontravels (an amazing photographer and her dog Max) and @liveworkwander (Jessica & Jorge, a couple of adventurous freelancers) for a while now and they're both incredibly inspiring. AND they post unbelievably gorgeous photos.
    Having lived somewhat of a nomad life for a while in the not-too-recent past, I'm not interested in living the van life full time – but I'd love to do it for a couple of months sometime.

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