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#vanlife: The Instagram accounts of people traveling and living in vans that you should be following

I realized that I follow a lot of people traveling the world in vans on Instagram. And, as much as traveling the world in a camper van does not sound like something I want to do, it is something I love to virtually experience. So if you want a taste of this in your feed every day, here are some #vanlife Instagram accounts you should follow…

Sarah and Nathan’s wild weather, Yellowstone to Glacier National Park roadtrip

We drove to Yellowstone National Park, then onto Glacier National Park — originally planning on going into Canada and Waterton Lakes, but alas, we forgot our passports! We planned on camping the whole time, possibly even doing an overnight backpacking trail, but the weather did NOT cooperate with us.

How a year on the road saved my life and helped me grieve

My fiancé has always loved travel, and was saving up for a year long road trip cross-country to take with his brother after he finished grad school and his brother got out of the army. When his brother passed away in Afghanistan in 2010, our lives were shattered pretty completely. His death impacted everything, and left us in the center of this desolate vortex of grief. Not knowing how else to proceed we kept moving and decided to still take the trip together. So on a hot sweltering day in July, we packed the Volvo and drove off.

Take a virtual trip around the world with this open-ended, world-traveling honeymoon

We both LOVE to travel, over the course of our relationship we’ve gone on a number of international hosteling/backpacking trips together. We’d been joking about going around the world, but when we found out that Alex would be getting laid off the same week that Sara would finish grad school it seemed like the perfect opportunity to actually do it!

Music festival season: where are you going, and how are you preparing your family?

Oh, you guys. It’s fully upon us: summer music festival season, which for some of us means packing up the entire family to dare the crowds, the heat, and the occasional disoriented daytime psychonaut at our favorite festies. After the amazing experiences I had with my family last year at Oregon’s Beloved Festival, I’m in full-fledged preparation mode to head back to the festival again next month. So, where are y’all headed this summer?

We’re about to spend two months road-tripping with our baby

I’m about to embark on a two-month road trip with my husband, seven-month-old baby, and our two 90-pound dogs. We’ll be living out of our car and tent hiking and camping across the United States. We decided to test the boundaries of what having a baby in your life means and want to introduce him to the world early. My husband and I used to travel in our car for a couple months at a time (pre-baby), so why stop now?

Reader Round-up: Batdogs, city pigs, gallery walls, and cross-stitch charms

Once again, I loved getting peeks into the lives of my wonderful Homies from your Offbeat Home Flickr pool submissions. I got lessons in how to calm a “batdog,” got to peep a glorious gallery wall, and had my mind blown by a tiny cross-stitched charm. Ooh, I share with you yet another weekend adventure. This time, you’ll NEVER guess the animal I helped my friend adopt.

You are totally planning your first canoe trip right now

Once upon a time, in University, my friends and I sat around our living room, discussing all the things we’d rather be doing than studying for our finals. Somewhere between sky-diving and climbing Mount Everest, portaging came up as an option. Before we knew it, a trip was planned and packed, and we headed out into the Ontario wilderness less than one hour after our last exam. We were rained on, got lost and sidetracked down a disused, flooded snowmobile track, and ate mostly rice flavoured with soup mix in a tortilla with salsa. We came home tired, sore and dirty. And it was completely amazing. In honour of that first trip, here’s a guide on everything important you need to know/do to survive your first canoe trip into the wild.