Never lose an iPhone charging brick again

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Photo courtesy Linguistic Capital.
Photo courtesy Linguistic Capital.

Stephanie sent me a link that tickled my practical bone: this is an outlet plate that makes your outlets at least 50% more useful, I think: this one includes a USB charger!

You might have other electronics you could charge by plugging directly into the wall, but I know I’d be happy to never lose that blasted iPhone charging brick again. I can keep hold of the cord itself, but never those little blocks.

USB charger outlet, $26 on Amazon.

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  1. Kindles have that type of cord too, usb with the wall plug thingy ontop, we already have a reg Kindle and wanna get a Fire soon so that’d be awesome! 😀

    • My android has that kind of charger too. I use my Kindle charger for my phone but lose my extra for work all the time. I’m going to be sneaky and replace an outlet at work.

  2. We should move in together, because I have LOADS of the bricks and NONE of the cords.

  3. Just lost my brick today. For the eight millionth time (and fourth replacement). UGH. This is getting ordered NOW.

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