Upcycle old lotion bottle caps as helpful bathroom storage

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Homies, we have yet another great idea that comes from my organizational ninja mother. She uses the caps from her used skin care lotion bottles for nifty small bathroom storage. Instead of having her mascara, Blistex, hair Spin Pins, cuticle oil, and safety pins/bobby pins/random small object floating around together in a drawer, or mixed up on the counter, she stores them individually, propped up by lotion caps, on her bathroom counter for easy-access.

Comments on Upcycle old lotion bottle caps as helpful bathroom storage

  1. I love it! But how do we close the drawer? Mine aren’t very deep. Also loved your gift idea blog. Keep the great ideas coming. I can use all the help I can get. XO

    • I loved them….and I say “loved” because a certain someone w/pink hair, convinced me I needed a blue streak in my hair…..but my hair guy didn’t agree, told me it was sooooo last year, then chopped away…..and now I love that I don’t need a hair dakine anymore:)

      But on the topic at hand, I prefer to keep all that stuff in a deep drawer, and if I can’t, then I’ll try the medicine cabinet….but I dont have either in the temp apt we are currently in…..fyi, I like to use them in my medicine cabinets for tweezers, tongue scrubber, band-aides …. think anything that can go vertical!

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