Tiny Casita: converting a $200 trailer into a sweet mobile casa

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Thanks to the Tiny House Blog for introducing me to Greg Fowkes’ story. He’s a new dad who’s converting a crapped out $200 trailer into an amazing modern mobile home that he, his wife, and their new baby can drive down to Mexico and live in.

There were many towns we loved, but none that offered the variety and excitement as Sayulita. We settled on a quiet lot along a river, just outside of town and about a 15-minute walk to the ocean. Since then we had our fence and retaining wall built, and now we’re in the process of having an old fashioned well dug for water. We hope to be completely off the grid, which works out perfectly as there are no utilities to our lot.

When you think about getting back to basics, what could be more basic than family? Change starts at home. The circle grows wider. We’re happier. We enjoy our lives. The connection between each other grows stronger. The world is a better place, or at the very least, our “tiny” world is a better place.

While the Tiny House Blog has an introduction to Greg’s story, you can read TONS more about his progress on his blog, Tiny Casita.

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