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How full-time RV-ing is helping me learn to be flexible

I am a type A person. On good days, these traits make me organized and on top of things. On bad days, they make me controlling and unable to cope well with change. Usually, that means planning my life in a way that it is more-or-less predictable. In part, hitting the road was part of a plan to gently push myself towards being okay with the unfamiliar. Here’s how full-time RV-ing has helped me learn to be flexible…

Absolutely everything we own is in our car: Our life living in an RV full-time

My husband and I hit the road about three weeks ago to live full-time in an RV. Our plan is to travel around the Western U.S. (and a bit of Canada) for the next year. We are pumped! So we bought our RV from Craigslist. It is a 1989 Minnie Winnie, Class C style (meaning it has a bed over the cab), 26′ long. Her name is Daisy.

Eight of us traveled through six states, for 21 days, in a small RV… because I still can

When I first recognized that my health was progressing into disability, and that I would not be able to ride a camel in Egypt or climb the stairs of Santorini again, I bought a cheap travel trailer off Craigslist and went on a whirlwind tour of six states with my seven kids.

Is it possible to “put down roots” while on the road?

In the past six years my husband and I (and our two pets) have lived in five countries (and I don’t mean ones particularly close together). Having never found that mythical place called “home,” a few months ago we put our most recent dwelling on the market, and two weeks ago we moved into our motorhome.Yesterday, my father-in-law mentioned he looks forward to us “putting down roots.” And so, as I easily do, I’m questioning… What is the benefit I’m missing out on (that I’ve really never known) of being part of one specific community? Does it exist as an RVer, as an ongoing traveller?

How do you find an old but non-crappy travel trailer?

My fiance and I are getting married in August, and we are really excited about our idea of living in a travel trailer. I lived with my large family in an RV for several years, so I am familiar with how to make a home out of a small space, BUT we are unsure where to begin. I don’t really know much about how to find a good trailer that won’t crap out on us in a year! How do you know if a trailer is junk or not?

Tiny Casita: converting a $200 trailer into a sweet mobile casa

Thanks to the Tiny House Blog for introducing me to Greg Fowkes’ story. He’s a new dad who’s converting a $200 trailer into an amazing modern mobile home that he, his wife, and their new baby can drive down to Mexico and live in.

As Greg says, “When you think about getting back to basics, what could be more basic than family? Change starts at home.”

Bring on the fun fur: how should I pimp out my Chevy van?

I am about to purchase an ’86 Chevy conversion van, and I want to re-do the inside. I’m talking fur and funky fabrics everywhere. Might any of the super crafty DIY readers have any ideas on how to go about reupholstering seats/floor/ceiling/walls?

My guy works for the circus, so we live in an RV and travel to a new place every week

This is the first time in my adult life that I’m not renting my space, and it’s thrilling to demolish and tinker to my heart’s content. For now, this is home, and I really love it. It’s cozy and frankly, bigger than our shoebox in Toronto. How about that?