What do you do with YOUR fruit stickers?

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Given the ubiquity of fruit stickers, we’ve had a longstanding tradition in my house of collecting our stickers on the top of our water filter pitcher.

This raises the question: my husband and I can’t be the only people who can’t stand to just throw away a sticker. What about you, Homies? Where do your fruit stickers go? PICTURES OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.

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  1. My husband has to stick them on something, but I have no problem with throwing them away. He used to stick them on everything, but I finally got him trained to one spot – the peppercorn container. After a couple of years of that, it’s a good thing we already know what’s in there.

  2. Ah! My friends and I at sixth form used to stick them on our coats and it was only when I got to uni that I realised it might not be socially acceptable!

  3. but did you know the numbers on your fruit stickers let you know how it was grown
    On each sticker is a number. The number tells you how the fruit was grown.

    A 4 digit number means it was conventionally grown (using chemicals).

    A 5 digit number beginning with a 9 means it was grown organically.

    A 5 digit number beginning with an 8 means it was genetically modified

  4. My dad loved bananas, and everyone in the family was used to him surreptitiously putting stickers on us. Especially my mother. He’s been gone for two years, but we still find the occasional sticker in a random place, and smile through tears because it feels for that moment like Dad is still here.

  5. I used to stick them on the cat’s head or the dog’s head but the cats I have now are too high strung for that, they would climb the walls if I did that. My husband just sticks them to the nearest surface and then I clean up and throw them out.

  6. Whoa… this just reminded me that as kids we had a whole fruit sticker collection on the hidden side of our fridge! I totally forgot about that.

    Generally, I end up sticking them to my son (free stickers are free stickers) and then end up peeling them off stuff when I’m cleaning up later.

  7. I press them to one side of my desk. I’ve been working at the same place now for over seven years, but not at the same desk unfortunately. Right now I have just over three years worth of daily apples and bananas stuck to the far end opposite my computers.

    My coworkers quip that it’s “gross” or “dirty” but I could care less. They’re just fruit stickers!

  8. For as long as I can remember, the driver’s floor mat of my mother’s car has been covered in plum, nectarine, other stone fruit stickers. I’m still not sure how they get from her snack to the car floor without sticking to her legs first.

  9. I normally just throw them out, but now I want to work out how to make a cutting board where I could see all the little stickers while I cut my fruits or veggies…

  10. In primary school I used to stick them to my lunch box, I nearly had the whole thing covered, but then the lid broke and i had to get a new one 🙁

    I heared on the radio (JJJ for the ausies) one morning, I don’t remeber the topic they were discussing though, someone called in and said that they had noticed that a girl would always stick her fruit stickers to a wall in the train station, and she had a whole big collection going, but they had been cleaned off that morning. The girl texted in a bit later to confirm that she was devistated.

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