Hack your clock to help your kids tell time

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The cheap $5 clock I redid to help the kids tell time.Remember Tina’s punk rock dining room moment? She’s back with a clock hack idea that will help your kids learn to tell time…

This is the cheap $5 clock that I re-did to help the kids tell time.

My middle one is wanting to learn how to tell time so I took the back off of the clock and painted the hands, as well as wrote the minutes on the clock’s face so he can attempt to piece the time together.

I’m all about learning in this house.

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  1. That’s awesome! There I was, wondering where I could find one of the ones I remembered from childhood (rainbow colors! crayon hands!)–and then I see this, infinitely cooler. Thank you!

  2. Hey! That’s my clock!! 🙂

    It’s one of those cheap $5 Walmart clocks. The back is held in by a small handful of screws (maybe 7 or 8). Take those out, remove the back, slide off the hands, paint, and reassemble. Easy peasy!

    The clock has been helpful to my 9 year old as well because although he knows how to tell time, the visual additions make it easier when he has to read an analog clock without numbers.

    • I love those clocks so easy to put your own touch to them!
      When my girls where little, my mother used a clock like this and put a picture of our family’s favorite silly ol bear “Winnie the Pooh”. It was so sweet and made a great impact.

  3. Oh man I wish someone would have done that for me when I was little. I had such a hard time learning to read the clock, this would have really helped – awesome idea!

  4. Can I do this for me?

    One time, I asked a stranger for the time, and instead of telling me, they just showed me their watch (WITH NO NUMBERS). I didn’t want to take too long, so, before I could read the time, I said, “oh ok, thanks!” and the man walked away. Then my friend asked me what time it was. “Um…I don’t know.”

    I really like clocks with numbers.

    • I have mentally created a backstory for this gentleman and his watch wherein he was given it as a present and frankly has no idea how to read it either. Any time anyone asks him the time, he shows them the watch to avoid having to shrug and say “Dunno.”

      • Yes! The man was then two hours late for his important meeting (since he had no idea what time it was) and was fired. He was evicted from his apartment and moved in with his mother. He threw the cursed watch into the ocean, where an octopus found it and put it on. The octopus was then late for dinner and his wife, fed up, left him for that sexy squid down the current.

        Moral of the story: clocks (and watches) without numbers ruin lives.

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