Get into the Halloween spirit (get it?) with photo cards from Tiny Prints

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It’s almost Halloween! Each Wednesday we’ll be featuring Halloween posts — today we’re talking about crafts and cards you can DIY.

Original photo by Marisa Taylor Photography.

I love a good holiday-themed card, but I’m not exactly DIY-inclined (and pretty awful at any kind of graphic design), so I like to outsource my seasonal greetings. I’ll at least attempt a craft or two (and there are few DIY crafts coming later today!), but something that requires actual serious attention to detail and design? YIKES.

Enter Tiny Prints, aka my new favorite place online to make cards and invitations. It’s just that they make it so eeeeasy — ten cards featuring my kid dressed as Darth Vader cost me a measly $11.40, and all I had to do was click a few buttons and enter his name (which is optional! Love options!). To mix it up a bit I experimented with photos from our Flickr pool (with the original photographer’s permission) to see how they’d look. Behold:

Original photo by Stephanie Kaloi.

Original photo by Meghann Prouse.

The fun doesn’t stop with the kid’s photo cards — you can also create Halloween party invites in approximately 60 seconds or less. Like seriously: here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Click on the invite or card you want to personalize
  2. Select a quantity — for this example, 10 invites are $21.90
  3. Decide whether or not guests can RSVP online (it’s free!), then click “Personalize”
  4. Enter your party info
  5. Create!

And just like that, you have a Halloween party invite or photo card that’s sure to be different from what you’ll find in big box stores AND is easy to make. HOLIDAYS ARE THE BEST.

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  1. I have to admit I was sucked into reading this post by the adorable baby wrapped in what appears to be a hand-knit Doctor Who scarf. Those stripes are unmistakable.

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