Make the time-saving Party Cup Box at your next office party

Guest post by Kristin

Since it’s Labor day, we thought we’d share Homie Kristin‘s idea for quickly and easily chilling drinks at a party, providing you have access to a very large or extra freezer.

I’m the HR Chick at my job. There is only the VP of HR, HR Manager, and me. So I get the lower end jobs. Like Retirement Parties. Retirement Parties are one of the best parts of my job because it’s a happy time.

We don’t go over the top on Retirement Parties. We (the retiree and I) select what kind of food and I go from there. But no matter what the food is, we always have to figure out drinks. For the smaller parties, I buy pop (or soda, or coke, depending on what part of the country you’re from…) in 2-liter bottles. The problem has always been that there is a bottle-neck at the drinks. It takes time to pour those drinks. And the 2-liters are never cold!

At the last party, I was putting ice in the cups and pouring pop when people were arriving for the party. I felt very behind, like I didn’t have enough done by the time the party started. So, with the help of an empty ice freezer, I invented the Party Cup Box!

I took an empty paper ream box and put cups in the bottom, filled the cups with ice about 1/3 full, put more cups in, then ice, one more layer of cups, and filled with ice one last time.

I used the smaller 12 ounce cups we have at work, and was able to get 45 cups into that box, using one bag of ice. I covered the cups with a plastic shopping bag, just in case the lid of the box was dirty, and put the lid on. There was room in the freezer, and I popped the box right in there. Ice stayed frozen, and it bought me a good 15 minutes before the party started, so I was able to get the pop poured before the employees arrived.

This worked out so great for me; I’ll definitely be doing it again at future parties where I know I have freezer space where I can put the Party Cup Box. Anything to make Party Day easier, amiright?

Now, who else has party-time-saving ideas like this!?

Comments on Make the time-saving Party Cup Box at your next office party

  1. Very smart!

    I think even if you didn’t have a giant freezer, it would still be much faster filling the cups with ice if they’re well-contained in a box since you could just pour it in without worrying about them falling over.

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