Monday Moment: kitchen cabinet organization nerdy treasure hunt-style

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cupboard momentThanks to Homie katythezimmerwoman for uploading this photo to our Flickr pool. This one was great because last week I showed you how moments can look awesome when they’re scattered about, and now we can celebrate one that’s been all proudly organized… with a nerdy treasure hunt to boot!

Katy explains:

One of our kitchen cupboards, newly organized with a lot of new things we received as wedding gifts. Mostly full of Fiestaware and Polish pottery. Can you spy the Tardis Van Gogh mug? And the Atari and Star Wars glasses?

I found ’em all! Did you?

By the way, I LOVE seeing fresh moments in our Flickr pool. This makes me want see more from our newlywed Homies: how are you displaying your favorite wedding gifts? Show us!

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  1. I spotted them all before scrolling down to read the description. I love the colorful eclecticism of your cabinet! Absolutely adore it!

  2. Not too long ago I actually convinced my husband, who believes in monochromatic rooms and matching silverware sets, that Fiestaware is the way to go. We now have TWO plates, bowls, and cups in at least 6 different colors. I love how it looks in kitchens.

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