How much would you pay for Cincinnati’s Mushroom House?

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I’m so glad to identify this house! It’s popped up over and over in my Flickr explorations, but never with a good backstory. I’m pretty sure one Flickr user even had it labeled as being in Taiwan! I’ve finally got some information on this woodsy fairy-lookin’ house.

In 1998, architect Terry Brown set out to build his most artful designs into his new house in Ohio. It’s full of pounded-metal floors, irregular stained glass windows, and weaving, winding, brightly painted paths and handrails.

Sadly, Brown died in 2008, just ten years after starting his house and only a few years after moving in.

But if you’re offbeat house shopping, the house went on the market last month, asking $350,000. I think this house is a good candidate for a lowball bid…

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Comments on How much would you pay for Cincinnati’s Mushroom House?

  1. Hey, I live near there! I love how Google maps actually has it show up as “Mushroom House” on the map. 🙂
    It would be a pretty darn cool place to have a business.

    • wait, wait, wait, wait, wait – you live near me?? I WANT FRIENDS IN THIS CITY! (sorry, a little desperate here…) Whatever happened to the whole meetup setup thing? I will have to check the archives… (But seriously, Dootsie, you live near Cincinnati?)

  2. I also live near there! AND we’re house shopping…but I think that’s a little out of our range, lowball bid or not. I’m interested to see who buys it and see if they do anything to enhance it further (although it’s awesome already!).

    As a side note my husband just told me he got invited in off the street by Mr. Brown to tour it once, and it was “amazing.”

  3. How funny! I used to see this house all the time when I’d head over to Coffee Emporium for some chaider (chai spices in hot cider, YUM), and wonder what it looked like on the inside. It’s in the East Hyde Park neighborhood.

  4. Okay. Cincy people, since I just discovered you exist! Email me pretty please and can we all find new friends? jacqueline.reuwer (at) gmail (dot) com
    And Cat, sorry for the hijack…but if I make new friends, can I be slightly less sorry?

  5. Forgive me for being naive… but the title says Cincinnati, but the body of the post says Ohio, aren’t those two different States?…. I’m from Canada, so maybe my knowledge of American geography is a little rusty?

  6. GAH I love this house. And I lovelove when Ohio’s cool stuff comes up on cool blogs like Offbeat Home… but then I am rather defensive about my home state.

  7. unfortunately, the house is a block or three away from a police station. noises, and what not…
    and the street is a little busy. But every time i drive by it, an urge of unbearable need creeps into my heart.

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