Tea-sy science-y cocktails for summer parties

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663199189019_p0_v2_s600Since I’m totally on a tea kick right now, I just discovered the Tea Forte Mixology Set which basically makes summer cocktails ridiculously easy (tea-sy?)!

This is the three-step process of looking like a genius mixologist at your next party:

  1. Steep the Tea Forte infuser directly in alchohol.
  2. Pour the infused mixture over ice.
  3. Add remaining ingredients (lemonade, juice, etc.) and pour!

You can buy the whole science-y set for $25, with two glass infusion chambers, eight tea infusers, and Tea Forte Cocktail Infusions recipe booklet. Or just buy the tea infusers for $12 and go DIY.

Seriously, this is going to make me look like bad-ass at my next party! (I’m totally thinking of doing this for my birthday.)

What are YOUR ideas for making party-ready cocktails on the easy?

Comments on Tea-sy science-y cocktails for summer parties

  1. I used to work at a teahouse and we used these for our holiday party one year. They’re really fun, but you can also use whatever tea you have at home to come up with flavors. Think Chai White Russians, Earl Grey Gin and Tonics, and Pu-erh Old Fashioneds. Herbal tisanes (mint, ginger, lemongrass, etc) also work well.

  2. Earl Grey and gin would be my go to combination. The recipe I first read suggested it neat, but I recommend having a large batch of chilled Earl Grey tea made up too. Garnish with lemon and sugar on the rim of your glass!

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