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Let’s all pretend we’re mermaids and move to this rainbow seashell-inspired house

I didn’t know it at the time, but in 2006 the geniuses behind Arquitectura Orgánica designed and built MY (new) DREAM HOME: this mollusk-shaped, rainbow-window adorned abode.

Upside down boat makes an amazing retreat

Sometimes I go virtually traveling the world, via Airbnb. This is part me getting future vacation ideas and part lusting after amazing properties around the world. And every now and then something like this upside down boat-turned vacation rental pops into my browser, and I think: I MUST SHOW MY HOMIES!

Vintage 1955 cottage in the Hollywood Hills

I recently went to the open house for this adorable Robert Byrd-style cottage built in 1955 and kept in incredible original condition tucked away in the Hollywood Hills. There are wonderful little vintage surprises all over this amazing home. Hidden lazy Susans in an unexpected location, beyond unusual doorframes, and the coolest/most dangerous bathtub I’ve ever seen.

Arizona’s 3-bedroom pyramid house in the desert

What’s with all these people who are so into pyramids they built them for themselves? Another pyramid has popped up on the market: this one’s in the desert of Arizona.

My guy works for the circus, so we live in an RV and travel to a new place every week

This is the first time in my adult life that I’m not renting my space, and it’s thrilling to demolish and tinker to my heart’s content. For now, this is home, and I really love it. It’s cozy and frankly, bigger than our shoebox in Toronto. How about that?

How much would you pay for Cincinnati’s Mushroom House?

In 1998, architect Terry Brown set out to build his most artful designs into his new house in Ohio. It’s full of pounded-metal floors, irregular stained glass windows, and weaving, winding, brightly painted paths and handrails…and I think you could get this house for a steal.

The mysterious and energy-focusing, gold-plated pyramid home in Illinois

Jim and Linda Onan believe that pyramids focus energy, so when they built a new home in 1974, they decided to built a pyramid to live in. Now their estate includes a bigger-than-life-sized replica of a statue of Ramses II, and a moat — not to mention a burial chamber

Rick and Annie’s handbuilt treehouse in Australia

What would it be like to inhabit a normal-sized home that’s actually a treehouse? Now we know. We picked up a friend of ours and offered her a ride, and we didn’t know we were in for such a treat when we got to her destination!