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Use an old bike wheel as a message board

Offbeat Homie Michelle uploaded this awesome photo of her repurposed bike wheel-turned-message board to our Flickr pool. How pretty is this!?

Key holders to put the “fun” in functional

What if your key holder was not only decorative but also pulled double-duty? I’ve rounded up some of the cutest, cleverest, and innovative(est?) key holders on the interwebs. From key holders that come with key rings that look adorable and can also help keep you safe, to creepy, and the slightly sexual. Hook yourself up with one of these holders and see if you ever forget to hang up your keys again…

Electrical tape mural of the NYC subway system

Check out Homie Jsaxena’s DIYed wall mural. She created this work of wall art out of electrical tape, based on the 1972 Vignelli subway map. Wanna see how she did it?

Make a wall clock out of your favorite photos

I’m always looking for photo ideas for displaying my photographs and this wall clock is a quick and easy way to display your work. It’s also a great way to show off your wedding, baby, birthday or Christmas photos without forcing your friends and family to watch 37 slide shows on your laptop.

How should we decorate these very tall walls?

The husband and I just bought a big house in semi-suburbs. It’s pretty bland right now (beige walls + beige tile floors = snooze) and while we’ve got plenty of ideas for making it the colorful, funky home that we want, I’m at a loss for what to do with the immense two story walls in the living room.

We’ll definitely paint them, but then what? I feel like they are calling out for something special. Anyone have any awesome decorating ideas for very tall walls?

How to pull off free-hand stenciled wall art

I have been fantasizing about creating some sort of mural or crafty art on some wall of our house, and our future baby’s room seemed to be the perfect place! I was dreaming up plans for a tree stencil on the nursery wall. After researching wall stencils, I realized I didn’t want to pay for something I could do myself. It seemed easy enough, and it was!

Monday Moment: super efficient hallway-style

Thanks to litalita3 for sharing her hallway moment-in-progress with us. And it’s also proof that even un-perfected moments can still make you seriously happy. Oh yeah, and I bet you thought the hallways was wallpapered? Yeah, I did too. What is actually is is mind-blowing.

Your Gorgeous Wall O’ Goals

Making The Lists and Accomplishing All The Things are practically my favorite hobbies. 

Of course, I have a never-ending, constantly-evolving list of yearly goals, but since it’s a piece of notebook paper taped to the wall, it’s less than inspiring.  And while I know the rest of the Internet loves nothing so much as aspirational Pinterest accounts and vision boards, that stuff just isn’t quite my style. 

Enter: Wall O’ Goals.