Your Gorgeous Wall O’ Goals

Guest post by Sarah Von Bargen

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Making The Lists and Accomplishing All The Things are practically my favorite hobbies.  Of course, I have a never-ending, constantly-evolving list of yearly goals, but since it’s a piece of notebook paper taped to the wall, it’s less-than inspiring.  And while I know the rest of the Internet loves nothing so much as aspirational Pinterest accounts and vision boards, that stuff just isn’t quite my style. 

Enter: Wall O’ Goals. 

Visually engaging.  Reminder-ful.  Cuter than notebook paper taped to the wall. Here’s how to make yours…

Here’s how I made it!

  1. Shuffle through weheartit and find gorgeous images that match my goals.
  2. In Ribbet crop, resize and add text to my photos.  I used Impact font in white, faded 13% because I’m nothing if not a total effing hipster.
  3. Drop my edited images into a Google doc and print said document on cardstock.
  4. Purchase adorably tiny bulldog clips.
  5. Map out a grid on the wall, pound in some nails, hang goals.
  6. Look at artfully arranged goals every day and start to actually accomplish them.

And!  If you’re feeling really ambitious, once you’ve accomplished something you can write about the process on the back of the card and bind your finished cards into a little book.  Lovely!

How do you stay on track with your goals?

Comments on Your Gorgeous Wall O’ Goals

    • D’OH! Totally should have caught that, as I was a huge Picnik user and had a good friend who worked there. Google shut Picnik down a couple months ago, so I updated the post to a new post-Picnik online photo editing tool.

  1. Also, I should have mentioned in my comment that this is an awesome idea! I even spent some time at lunch working on brainstorming other things to add to my list and pictures that would go with them 🙂 Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Fantastic! I’ve been wanting to create an inspiration board of sorts. Your step-by-step guide makes it seem doable, rather than just another goal on my own notebook paper list.

  3. I did this while I was living with the ‘rents, and unfortunately they are still there… I made them fancy by pasting them on paper that I had, um, what’s the term? Di-cut? With little Martha Steward edgy-cutter things? Anyway. The paper I posted them on looks like it has lacy edges now. And I hung them up on a pretty string with clothespins. Now I want to evaluate the goals, journal on the back, and put them in a scrapbook and then paste new goals like the OP suggested. I looooove this project from the other side of having done it!

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