Use an old bike wheel as a message board

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9056469060_8e957aa229_zOffbeat Homie Michelle uploaded this awesome photo of her repurposed bike wheel-turned-message board to our Flickr pool. How pretty is this!?

Michelle is using this in her nursery, but this repurposed decor idea can be used anywhere in your home. In the kitchen for recipes and to-dos? In the living room to show off photos? In the bedroom for love notes?

Wanna know how to make it? Head over to Michelle’s blog for the step-by-step.

What would YOU use this re-purposed bike wheel for?

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  1. Thats not a tire. That’s a whole wheel. Tires are the rubber part that goes around this.

  2. I have the most clever best friend… IN THE WORLD!
    I second the notion to head to her blog, it’s pretty awesome!

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