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Brilliant idea for a wall: LEGO IT

HGTV made itself useful by posting a roundup of ten ideas for kids’ rooms — but this idea in particular is a bully idea for nerdy grown-ups everywere: Buy a ton of LEGO plates, affix to wall, enhance your awesomeness.

How do I remove hair dye from the bathroom wall?

I dye my hair black on a regular basis, and I’m also a clumsy oaf. My bathroom wall has many spots of blueish-black. How can I resolve this messy problem?

Hanging art without a frame (but staying away from thumb tacks and scotch tape)

Frames are all well and good, but aren’t always an option. Sometimes it’s because of an oddly-sized print, sometimes frames just cost too damn much. How do you hang a print when you can’t find a suitable frame?

How to collage photos and knick-knacks in a vintage, mini, super-customizable display

Whitney assembled a whole lotta photos and small objects into a nicely-arranged art piece she and her guests can admire. She made a very detailed how-to for us to follow.

How to craft pinwheel flowers that make your walls pop

Craft your own handmade paper flowers with Sandy’s illustrative step-by-step photographs and simple instructions. These flowers are large, colorful, and add a bright highlight to walls that’s easy to change up.