Monday Moment: super efficient hallway-style

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Thanks to litalita3 for sharing her hallway moment-in-progress with us. And it’s also proof that even un-perfected moments can still make you seriously happy AND provide great inspiration to the rest of us.

This moment is in progress. Still waiting to finish the chairs, procure/DIY new sofa table (just rearranged everything in the apartment). But I feel so happy seeing the entry way. Love that the purses are hung, the shoes have a place and there’s somewhere to sit. Not to mention being able to do one final outfit check before heading out the door.

First: excellent point about the mirrors by the door: exit mirrors are made of awesome. One final check to make sure nothing embarrassing is happening with your face/outfit/hair etc.

Second: I bet you thought the hallway was wallpapered? Yeah, I did too. LitaLita has a little surprise factoid about that wall…

Oh, and the wall… I wanted wall paper — not so good in an apartment. One night I got a burr up my ass and used two sample pots of grey paint and a one-inch foam brush to create the patterened wall.

My mind is officially blown. Maybe if we join our collective minds and suggest some shoe racks that DON’T fall down all the time for LitaLita, she’ll give us more details about how to make a patterned wall just like that.

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  1. Hi! I’m litalita3. Will definitely have to think about the wall mounts for the shoes. The base is pretty heavy- but I may have stripped where the pole screws in – the base is solid, but the tower leans.

    The wall wasn’t too bad. I put up five lines of masking tape on the wall. This guided the height of the arches. I did one row at a time, starting from the bottom. I free handed the arches and drew the little fern/corn/spider like things inside. Took the tape down as I went and kept repeating for a few hours.

    Regarding the design – I needed a shape that was easy to draw. By starting on the bottom I was able to find a rhythm/practice the shapes on part of the wall that would be mostly covered. That was a win.

    The inspiration wallpaper:

    • Some teflon tape on the (hopefully) mildly stripped pole may be enough to help stabilize it. Plus it’s inexpensive, just check the plumbing aisle at your local hardware store.

  2. I used leftover free weight plates on the bottom of my shoe rack to prevent toppling.
    also, if anyone is planning to replicate the “wallpaper” project, when I was learning to decorate cakes, they told us to play waltz music so you get an even rhythm with swags and borders – might work with this kind of thing too.
    now I am thinking of a mirror to put by the door….

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