The Doll House tour: You must see (and maybe move into?) this manic pixie dream home

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kelly eden house tour

The moment I saw this video pop up on Facebook feed, I thought “the Homies must needs see this!!!” This tour is of a home called “The Doll House” in Hollywood. And yes, it’s wholly appropriately named. As you can see above, this house is complete with a set of built-in bunk beds with a “Welcome Motherfuckers” sign over them. But there’s so much more!

This is a place where dreams come true. Just look at this house tour…

The Facebook post that alerted me to this space of pastel pleasantry stated that — get this — that pink-haired goddess named Kelly Eden is looking for a roommate. WHAT!? You mean for $925 a month/no pets, I could live in a real life doll house? Too bad I have pets… and my own apartment… sigh.

Okay, one more photo of this magical home, and then I’m off to start building my own motherfucking bunk beds.

kelly eden doll house tour

Comments on The Doll House tour: You must see (and maybe move into?) this manic pixie dream home

  1. I <3 this chic so much! I have a super similar 1940s settee with a super similar yummy fabric! And my hairless cat loves to sit on it and reflect upon his day… 😉

  2. Well, this is pretty much my decor life goals. <3

    Actually, my personal style — while definitely feminine and cute like this — is a bit more subdued, and I'd probably start to feel a little over-whelmed living in a place like this for too long. But props to Kelly! She obviously loves it and damn, she can work an aesthetic. Also, I kinda wanna be friends with her after watching that video.

    • She has definitely achieved some of my decor goals, though like you, I think my taste is comparatively subdued. I might go nuts in an entire home done in that loud aesthetic, but I’d at least love to have one room done thus. X)

      I had no idea of her existence before today, but I also want to be friends with her! Oh, man….

  3. She was on one of TLC’s newer bride shows. They take your personal style and payment down a little bit but don’t lose your true essence. If I’m Remembering correctly she’s a pretty fabulous unicorn back piece.

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