Create colorful vases with crocheted Mason jar cozies

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Photo and vases by KissKus
Photo and vases by KissKus

Offbeat Homie KissKus uploaded this awesome photo of her colorful crocheted Mason jar vases to our Flickr pool. Who doesn’t love a shelf full of colorful jar awesomeness!?

Got a lot of Mason jars and a lot of yarn? Wanna make these yourself? I don’t blame you. Here are a couple of YouTube tutorials to get you started…

Crocheted Mason jar cozies

Knitted Cozies for Mason jars

Comments on Create colorful vases with crocheted Mason jar cozies

  1. I definitely love mason jar cozies. I’ve been known to crochet up several in a weekend (note, they also make good carry-alls for things like sunglasses, pencils, game boys, etc, with just a few stitch adjustments). Can anyone point to a good tutorial for those adorable granny square cozies so I don’t have to spend any brain power figuring it out from the pictures?

  2. These are awesome! I was just thinking the other day that I should make jar cozies. I don’t crochet very well (and I’m really slow at it!) but I might try sewing some patchwork ones.

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