Bloody beach hummus and shark fins

It’s time to celebrate another Shark Attackiversary! This year, along with throwing a party, we’re making this bloody, shark-themed snack, from the mind that brought you the pumpkin cake recipe.

Cooking challenge final results: Lasagnes and lessons learned

In which I give y’all the breakdown of my last few challenge meals, including a video with a special guest star. Then I break down the over all results of this whirlwind week of cooking and learning.

Cooking Challenge Day 3 results: Dinner, dancing, and drinking games

Ooh, Homies, are you in for a treat. Ever hear me talk about “that guy I married”? Ever wondered what he was like? On day three of the challenge, my shy dude came out of hiding and is featured pretty prominently. Also featured on this dinner video: The drinking game I invented based on how much I whine. I call it “wine for whine.” So pour yourself a glass and feel free to play along as you watch…

Cooking challenge breakfast results: Megan makes a granola parfait, her husband writes a song

Hey Homies, I know I said that I would post the results the day after I made all my foods, but… I recorded myself making today’s breakfast — the granola parfait — and I thought you’d want to see how poorly my first day is going.

Cosplay storage solutions… from IKEA?

This past year I’ve started to dabble in cosplay. Even though I just have four costumes, I’m ALREADY feeling the storage pinch. That’s why this “IKEA bedroom stories” video, featuring a super-awesome cosplayer, made my day. Watch this and then let’s talk…

Spreading the relaxing, tingly love of the autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR)

ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response,” which is basically a fancy made-up acronym for a heightened feeling of relaxation, accompanied by tingles, especially in the scalp and spine. I got into ASMR a year or so ago, during a stressful period of my PhD. I was watching a HELL of a lot of make-up and massage tutorials, not so much for the actual tips, but because they gave me a lovely relax-y buzz. And then Youtube, in its wisdom, suggested an ASMR Massage video…