This Instagram of dogs eating gently is your new relaxation happy place


You haven't reached the end of the internet until you've seen this relaxing Instagram account where sweet and mild-mannered pooches eat treats, noms, and fuds gently… oh so gently. They're so sweet and so relaxing and ZZzzzzzz…

For fans of cute-ass puppies (and maybe ASMR for some of y'all?), this feed of gently scarfing dogs will be your new happy place. Get away from the news, from work, from your whole damned stressful life for five minutes while you remember that dogs are too good for this world…

More dogs being adorable:

  1. Aw they are so cute! I just want to give them all big cuddles and keep feeding them ­čśŤ

    Just something to remember: many human foods are toxic to dogs so anyone wanting to replicate the cuteness make sure it's safe! A couple of those videos had ice cream (dairy products aren't great for dogs – or humans for that matter! – so don't over-do it), and it could have been the light but one ice cream looked a bit chocolatey. The amount the dog would have got from a few licks shouldn't cause any problems, but it's best to avoid. Things you wouldn't think of, like raisins and onion, can be harmful too. Most dog owners would already be aware, but I thought it worth mentioning.

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