Nine gorgeous Victorian houses

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Last week’s post on weird-colored houses stoked my fire to do some e-hoarding of Victorian-style homes. They display such a classic, beautifully embellished style of architecture — does anyone not like Victorians?

Evocative of the Addams Family A George F. Barber  Designed House in DeFuniak Springs, Florida Red Chimney The Pink Lady Victorian Splendor
Old Victorian houses in Eureka, CA. By: Frank KovalchekCC BY 2.0
Turreted Cupcake Hotel in Beaumont, circa 1895

Hope you enjoyed these! If you have a lovely Vic to share, pop it in the Flickr group and link it in the comments!

Comments on Nine gorgeous Victorian houses

  1. Victorian houses are some of my most-missed things from my Gainesville, Florida ‘hood. I lived in one and I’ll admit it wasn’t the most comfortable arrangement, but walking around a neighborhood full of whimsical, colorful houses made up for it.

  2. I used to live in the same town as the two Carson buildings. The picture of the Carson mansion doesn’t even come close to showing how amazing it is! Seriously, I would spend time sitting down by the bay staring at the house while eating ice cream…
    I’m actually feeling a little home sick now

  3. Yay, the Carson places! Humboldt represent!

    The Carson Mansion is seriously spectacular. Like Lauren said, that picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice.

    Although, hands down, the best place I’ve ever been to to ogle fantastic Victorians is Ferndale. It’s touristy, but it’s not…twee. It’s like a time machine.

  4. I *love* Victorian houses. I’d live in one in a heartbeat if we could afford it. I actually got distracted driving to the vet the other day because I was driving through our old neighborhood, checking out the lovely houses (while fully paying attention to the road!), and drove right past the vet. Hooray for autopilot!

  5. I LOVE Victorian houses. I first started loving them when my grandma got re-married and moved into one. I would visit, explore, ride boxes filled with pillows down the stairs (I’d never been in a house with stairs before then. SOOOOOO many things to do with those when you had time to play!) and it was the very first house were I could climb out the window and sit on the roof and draw or look at the stars. I can only hope that one day I will have a house that looks like one of these- even if I have to get a silly little square thing with no personality and add the trimming myself!
    Sadly I can only hope for gigantic circular windows in the living room and a bubbled glass heart window in the main bathroom though 😛 being as those are harder to change.


  6. One of the coolest and creepiest Victorians ever is the Winchester Mansion in California. The widow of the owner of the Winchester Rifle Company built it after her husband died because she insisted she was being tormented by the spirits of all the people killed by her husband’s rifles, so she had to build a house to accommodate all of them. No one knows exactly how many rooms it has and there’s spooky things like staircases leading to nowhere and doors that open to nothing. Though now its kind of a tourist attraction, which is cool because you can visit it and sad because the story of Mrs Winchester’s insanity is sad.

  7. You should really do a sister post on victorian houses in the UK. I live in a victorian house and am always excited when I see them mentioned in a post…and then I remember they are an entirely different thing in the US. Especially if you’re thinking about victorian terrace houses or victorian semi’s over here. Take a look on google.

    • Different again in Australia I think. a lot of square, sandstone-fronted, bull-nosed-verandah-d, high-peek-roofed houses going around in that period here. I live in Adelaide SA, and in the older parts of the city, *most* of the houses from that time still exist from small cottages to huge manors, and evena mansion or two out in the country.

  8. I love Victorian houses! The city where I went to college was full of them. I lived in a historic neighborhood and the house I lived in was built in 1884, although it wasn’t a super spectacular house compared to the others near by. I always loved the big windows and huge porches on these houses.

  9. It’s so appropriate that this was one of the featured posts today, because I’m signing a lease for an apartment in a big Victorian house. Signs from the Internet deities that all will turn out well? Yay!

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