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20 kid-lit books off the beaten path

Not all kids books are created equal. Kids aren’t stupid – they’re just, well, young. They need good literature too!

A dad that is in touch with his inner princess

As tough as he may seem, he is not afraid to release his inner princess.

DIY Baby Mobile Tutorial + 5 other projects you’ll love

This tutorial is actually ultra simple and uses just a few inexpensive crafting supplies that you may already have laying around: photos, craft paper, scissors, glue, wire, and a paper punch. And don’t stop at photos… think of spaceship shapes, circles and triangles, bugs and birds, monsters, jungle animals. There are just SO MANY possibilities!

What could be more punk than a mohawk and a lollipop?

I love this wonderful photo that Amy Turn Sharp submitted of her son Blaise. You can see the full series of shots over at her blog.

Breastfeeding was crazy hard, but weaning is sad too

My son Conan is pretty much weaned now, at 13 months. It’s been about a week since he last nursed, and he’s perfectly happy without it. I have mixed emotions about it — on the one hand, it is SO liberating, but on the other hand it’s the end of a really close part of our relationship, a connection we will never have again. But time moves on, and my little guy is rapidly metamorphosing from a baby into a toddler.

Thinking back on my early experience of breastfeeding, the thing that really jumps out is that I never, NEVER believed that we would make it through a whole year…

Breastfeeding your toddler never looked more beautiful

Mama C-Ta says of this beautiful portrait of her and her son Julian: “Nursing my 2 year old — I want to capture it before it ends which can happen without a moments notice.”

Handmade dinosaur bed for kid’s room

This may take some serious carpentry and creative skills, but your little dinosaur-lover would “snap” at the chance to sleep here. The textured face… oh, and the way the mural on the back wall extends the body… those vicious teeth! What a flippin’ fantastic themed bedroom. This sure beats the heck out of my Strawberry […]

Mixtape Onesie for your little audiophile

As a mixtape maven myself, I would *DIE* to have my little bundle o’ love sporting this cute little onesie. They’re hand screenprinted on 100% cotton so theyre safe and comfy for your wee babes. They’re available in 3 mo., 6 mo., 9 mo., 12 mo. and even toddler sizes, so you have no excuse […]