Breastfeeding your toddler never looked more beautiful

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Mama C-Ta says of this beautiful portrait of her and her son Julian: “Nursing my 2 year old — I want to capture it before it ends which can happen without a moments notice.”
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  1. This is one of the things that I absolutely love about this site. I am constantly exposed to things that I would never have thought of doing, and I'm forced to stop and think about them. I may not choose to do them, but at least I've made an educated, informed decision.

    • Oh yes, me too! It's crazy how many biased opinions I have in me! I've always been told that nursing about X age was some how bad, but his picture is beautiful! How could nourishing your child not be beautiful? Damn society for telling me otherwise!

      Although, the end of The Grapes Of Wrath is probably always going to weird me out…

  2. So precious. My little Bean will be 2 years in March and I don't have any photos of me nursing her at all, now that I think about it. That makes me really sad.

    I remember when I ws pregnant with my son (now 6 1/2 yrs) I thought I'd "try" to nurse him. He was 8 wks early and never could nurse, so I pumped for him. For 13 months. It was an amazing experience to see this tiny little baby grow so big and chubby. As we decided to have another child, I knew that we'd at least nurse for a year, but it would be completely child lead. And it has been. My daughter has never had a drop of formula and isn't anywhere near ready to give up her "noms".

    I know I have opened up the minds of my family (and a few friends) to nursing beyond "the norm" and I like that. And I LOVE that about this site.

  3. i love nursing pics…i nursed my first born for 18 months than he weaned himself 🙁 i wasnt ready for it but he moved on to cups anyway. he will be 5 next month. i am now nursing my 5 month old twin boys. i have a ton of pics of my firstborn and my twins nursing. i had many people say i wouldnt be able to nurse twins including their pediatrician who said to supplement with formula!!! well needless to say, i changed their doctor and i am currently breastfeeding my twins without formula. they are growing just fine and are very happy!!!

    this picture is beautiful and i am happy there are so many of you out there who support nursing for longer than 6 months 🙂

  4. my oldest is 9 and i nursed him until he weaned himself…no one on my side of the family or my husband's side of the family had ever been "exposed" to nursing before (that is a whole other story), my son was the 3rd grandchild…if we were having some kind of family gathering & the camera was out most of them would say "we want to take a picture, how much longer until he is done" so needless to say, i have no pictures of me nursing him 🙁
    my daughter just turned 4 months old and my 9 year old has become a camera fanatic…he is constantly taking pictures of his sister doing everything including nursing 🙂 every time i upload the pictures he has taken of her nursing he is so confused because he sees my eyes get watery and keeps asking me "what's wrong?" i try to tell him nothing but he is such a smart boy and he keeps asking and he is not buying the "nothing" answer…so one day i tried my best to explain to him that i felt bad that i didn't have any of him nursing and his response was "i know, i've seen all my baby pictures and there is not one of me "drinking" from you so i wanted to make sure you had some of kyra "drinking" from you"…my <3 melted…

  5. Does it make me shallow that the first thing I noticed about this picture was his gorgeous curly hair?! I'm so jealous of the curls that toddlers always seem to have.

  6. Go extended breastfeeding!! I am still happily nursing my 25 month old and he is pretty ravenous. I did successfully night ween thank goodness for my sanity, but I think it is wild how the World Health Organization promotes breastfeeding till around 3 years old and in most other countries, esp. third world, that is normal, but here in a first world country, we still haven't realized (as a culture) the importance of breastfeeding. Our generations right now are taking back the power and lost information from our 'mechanized society'

    • im not the only one extended breastfeeding! sometimes i feel like it!
      how did you night ween? my son is 20 months..still going like a champ and it is the only way he goes to sleep. advice?

  7. fantastic! i'm breastfeeding my 18 month old and so many people (including friends, family and her dad!) think i'm weird for carrying on, until i point out how she NEVER gets sick! a fantastic promotion for extended breastfeeding to just become breastfeeding and become normal and usual as it once was!!!

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