Handmade dinosaur bed for kid’s room

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This may take some serious carpentry and creative skills, but your little dinosaur-lover would “snap” at the chance to sleep here. The textured face… oh, and the way the mural on the back wall extends the body… those vicious teeth! What a flippin’ fantastic themed bedroom. This sure beats the heck out of my Strawberry Shortcake canopy bed!

Kudos to 3 Murphy’s and family for stepping outside the proverbial box and creating a memorable and fun space to play, live and learn in!

(found via Craftzine.com)

Comments on Handmade dinosaur bed for kid’s room

  1. This is so neat!! And even though I am terrified of dinosaurs (if there is a rhythmic thumping outside a la Jurassic Park, I have to repeat to myself "extinct… extinct…") I would love to have this for our kids' room! I can't wait until we have a house where we can do up a kids room!

  2. o_O I have just informed DH, and his carpenter BFF that they are making one of these for Gory Pantalones.

    Now that I think about it, I should do a post somewhere about the loft bed we made for Evan……..

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