Handmade dinosaur bed for kid's room

January 1 2010 | offbeatbride

This may take some serious carpentry and creative skills, but your little dinosaur-lover would "snap" at the chance to sleep here. The textured face… oh, and the way the mural on the back wall extends the body… those vicious teeth! What a flippin' fantastic themed bedroom. This sure beats the heck out of my Strawberry Shortcake canopy bed!

Kudos to 3 Murphy's and family for stepping outside the proverbial box and creating a memorable and fun space to play, live and learn in!

(found via Craftzine.com)

  1. oh man my 19mo is already obsessed with Dino's!! he would love this but dear DILF says there is no way he's making it! bummer.

  2. This is so neat!! And even though I am terrified of dinosaurs (if there is a rhythmic thumping outside a la Jurassic Park, I have to repeat to myself "extinct… extinct…") I would love to have this for our kids' room! I can't wait until we have a house where we can do up a kids room!

  3. o_O I have just informed DH, and his carpenter BFF that they are making one of these for Gory Pantalones.

    Now that I think about it, I should do a post somewhere about the loft bed we made for Evan……..

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