Meet David, our DILF o’ the week!

Guest post by Amber Linthakhan

I love these photos of this week’s hottie dad — this is David and his son Jace. The shots were taken at the June 2009 wedding of David and his wife Amber.

Thanks to Amber for generously sharing the David's DILFy hotness with us.
Thanks to Amber for sharing these photos of her DILF David and son Jace. Photo by Julie Branyon.

To feast your eyes on one more hot dad/cute kid shot, keep reading!

Who's cuter? WHO IS CUTER!?
Who's cuter? WHO IS CUTER!?

Thanks again to Amber for sharing her good looking guy with us. If you’d like to submit YOUR hottie papa to be featured as an Offbeat DILF, you can do that over here.

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    • lol before the career….wife…and babies came along he definitely had some head shots taken and was heading down that path.

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